With over 30 years of experience in the world of security; innovation and reliability are the key elements to strengthen our leadership through technological research, design and production of central innovative systems that are backed by a expert technicians that can cover the entire national territory.

Our security central Eura 2.0 is for companies and public & private institutions.
Macrozones allow in a simple and intuitive way to centrally manage critical areas of importance in order to increase the level of protection
Simple and intuitive interface to manage and control your facility
Integrated system that adapt to different types of applications in the field of Security
Modular solution which is easy to expand by adding new sensors, new cameras, etc.and can be managed locally from the facility or from a central facility
Logics and control management is fully programmable and configurable according to the type of facility
Technical and systems assistance
The software can be installed on PC (desktop or laptop) or on a more complex architecture (Server/Client) with RAID storage
The database can have mirroring SLAVE with an unlimited number of clients for system management